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Alcohol Assist
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Alcohol Assist

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Elevate your hosting game. Wake up feeling refreshed, with no hangover, ready to conquer the day.

Directions for use
  • Liver Support x2 capsules before consuming alcohol, x1 capsule 5-6 hours later OR the next morning on waking
  • Magnesium Ascorbate x1 capsules before consuming alcohol, x2 capsules before bed
  • Green Support Formula x2 capsules before consuming alcohol, x2 capsules 5-6 hours later OR the next morning on waking
Advice to boost results
  • Pre-hydrate. Alcohol excretion will rely on regular flushing from the body through urine whilst we break it down. Aim to have an extra 500ml of water before you consume alcohol and then continue to drink water alongside alcoholic drinks.
  • Don't drink on empty Not only does food line your stomach to prevent it feeling irritated, it also prevents alcohol spiking and crashing your blood sugar which is what contributes to poor sleep after drinking. Even simple things like having nuts or olives before your first drink will make a difference. Avoid lots of simple carbohydrates like crisps and bread as this will make you feel worse.
  • Keep your bedroom cold. Our internal body temperature needs to drop by around 1-3 degrees for us to sleep well. Alcohol breakdown makes our liver work harder which produces lots of heat. You will need your bedroom to be cooler than usual to support good, restful sleep after consuming alcohol.
Supplement Facts

Liver Support

Each capsule contains: %NRV*
Vitamin E (3.3 IU)
2.2 mg α TE 18%
Total d mixed tocotrienols
8.2 mg
Of which contains:
[d-alpha-tocotrienol 2.5 mg]
[d-beta-tocotrienol 0.5 mg]
[d-gamma-tocotrienol 3.9 mg]
[d-delta- tocotrienol 1.3 mg]
Vitamin C
33 mg 41%
Artichoke (2.5% Cynarine)
116.5 mg
Green Tea Extract (45% EGCG)
83 mg
67 mg
Turmeric (95% Curcuminoids)
67 mg
33 mg
Plant Squalene
1.6 mg
1.4 mg
0.7 mg
666 mcg

† Nutrient Reference Value (NRV*) not established

α TE: Alpha Tocopherol

Magnesium Ascorbate

Each capsule contains: %NRV*
Vitamin C
485 mg 606%
36 mg 10%

† Nutrient Reference Value (NRV*) not established

Green Support Formula

Each capsule contains: %NRV*
Organic Chlorella
100 mg
100 mg
Organic Spirulina
100 mg
N Acetyl Cysteine
100 mg
Glutathione Reduced
50 mg

† Nutrient Reference Value (NRV*) not established


    Liver Support

    Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (capsule), Artichoke Extract, Astaxanthin Powder, Choline Bitartrate, Green Tea Extract, Quercetin, Turmeric, EVNolMax 20% TM(ExcelVite), Ascorbic Acid, Piperine.

    Magnesium Ascorbate

    Magnesium Ascorbate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (capsule).

    Green Support Formula

    Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (capsule), Organic Chlorella, Cilantro, Organic Spirulina, N Acetyl Cysteine, Glutathione Reduced.

    Contains naturally occurring sulphites

    Product information and allergens
    • Suitable for men.

    • Suitable for women.

    • Not suitable for people under sixteen years of age.

    • If pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare professional before purchasing and consuming this product.

    • Suitable for vegetarians.

    • Suitable for vegans.

    • No gluten containing ingredients.

    • No nut containing ingredients.

    • No dairy containing ingredients.

    If you are taking medication consult your prescribing physician before purchasing and consuming supplements.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Information displayed does not constitute medical advice.

    This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

    Once opened, consume within 3 months.